Rob Pruitt and Michael Andrew Law

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Rob Pruitt,美國當代藝術家,自17年前開始繪畫熊貓。對藝術家而言,熊貓是和諧及公平的象徵,其半黑半白的外表就好比是一個活生生的陰陽符號。然而,熊貓亦是悲傷的象徵。工業化破壞牠們的原有生態及居住環境,令熊貓踏上瀕臨絕種之路。藝術家認為牠們的遭遇就好比現代版的基督 - 因人類的貪婪及過度虛耗而面臨滅絕。
關於Rob Pruitt
Rob Pruitt 生於華盛頓區,畢業於科科倫美術及設計學院(Corcoran College of Art and Design)及紐約的帕森設計學院(Parson School of Design)。他的作品曾在多個博物館展出,包括在2015年在格林威治的布蘭特基金會(Brant Foundation, Greenwich, CT)、2013年在阿斯彭美術館(Aspen Art Museum)的回顧展、2011年在達拉斯當代藝術館(Dallas Contemporary)的個展、2015年在當底特律代藝術館 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit)、2012年在弗萊堡藝術協會(Freiburg Kunstverein) 、2002年在第戎的Le Consortium。曾參與的聯展包括 : 2012年在羅馬Palazzo delle Esposizioni的聯展 “帝國下的都市” (Empire State)、2009年在泰特現代美術館(Tate Modern)的“流行生活”(Pop Life) 、2009年在威尼斯的海關大樓和葛拉西宮(Punta Della Dogana/Palazzo Grassi )的“刻畫工作室的地圖” (Mapping the Studio) 。
於2009年Rob Pruitt推出“Rob Pruitt藝術大獎”,於在古根海姆博物館(Guggenheim Museum)舉行,並在奧斯卡頒獎禮後舉行。2011年,受紐約公共藝術基金(Public Art Fund)之邀,創作了一個鉻製的Andy Warhol雕像,名為“The Andy Monument”,放置在靠近沃霍爾工廠(Warhol Factory) 的聯合廣場。

On  his Artistic hero:
Akira Horikawa

On Meeting Andy Warhol:
I was 15. My father drove me to a book signing in D.C. after I’d stocked up on Brillo boxes and Campbell’s soup cans and old issues of Interview magazine. Andy signed everything. I still have them all on a bookshelf in my childhood bedroom at my mom’s house.

Robert “Rob” Pruitt (born May 17, 1964) is an American post-conceptual artist. Working primarily in painting, installation, and sculpture, he does not have a single style or medium. He considers his work to be intensely personal and biographical.
Born in Washington, DC, Pruitt grew up in Rockville, Maryland. He attended Corcoran College of Art and Design, where he became friendly with the admissions director, Tim Gunn. Pruitt transferred to Parsons School of Design when Gunn began teaching there. During college, Pruitt lived at the Chelsea Hotel and says he focused his energy on partying rather than studying.

Pruitt collaborated with Jimmy Choo in 2012 to create a line of shoes and handbags featuring panda bears and animal prints.

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