Michael Andrew Law meets Belinda Fox

WP_20160929_004 - Copy.jpg

Belinda Fox is a lyrical, abstract artist who explores the precarious balance in contemporary life between hope and doubt. Her paintings and works on paper reveal her search for balance and harmony in our contemporary world. Reflecting on and responding to the continual presence of conflict in our lives, Belinda’s work offers a breathing space to meditate on the beauty that surrounds us. Drawing from memory and recent experience, Belinda utilises the expressive and unpredictable effects of her medium to create richly diverse surfaces, with the drips and washes of her paints adding to the transient nature of her subject matter. Layers of decorative abstraction and motifs such as lotus and magnolia flowers, human figures and animals seemingly dissolve and reappear. Her delicately rendered and layered works are imbued with quietness and seductive beauty, enticing the viewer to pause and reflect on Belinda’s offering for a better world. While mostly serene in effect, her recent works continue to harbour an underlying sense of endangered, fragile beauty.

Fox has been a full time practicing artist since 2006. She has participated in residency projects in Greece, Singapore, Perth, Sydney, Darwin, Tasmania and the United States. She is the recipient of the Paul Guest Drawing Prize, the Burnie Print Prize and the Silk Cut award for lino-cuts. Her work has been voted in the Top 50 most collectable artists in the Australian Art Collector magazine. Her work has been displayed at the National Gallery of Australia and collected by National, Regional and Corporate collections.

Prior to 2006 Fox worked as a master printer and workshop manager at Port Jackson Press Australia, collaborating with leading Australian artists including John Olsen, Tim Storrier and David Larwill and Dorothy Napangardi. Fox studied printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts. She has travelled extensively in India, Nepal, Laos, Tibet and China and has used these travels as inspiration for her work. The artist currently lives and works in Singapore.


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