Michael Andrew Law meets Sin Sin Man


Sin Sin Man (Artist & Curator)Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sin Sin Man has had a close relationship with the earth and art of Indonesia for over thirty years. In 1998 Sin Sin left her position as an internationally successful commercial accessories designer to open Sin Sin Atelier, an integrated art and design environment where Sin Sin could develop and communicate her deep-held belief that art should be present in every aspect of our lives, from what we wear to the spaces in which we live. Her close affinity to Balinese culture in particular can be understood in this light. A hands-on artist and adventurer as well as a designer, Sin Sin has travelled to many parts of Asia, including Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, to study with and work beside traditional craftsmen and women, seeking ways to utilize traditional textile, painting and craft techniques within a meaningful contemporary context. Her textile and clothing designs have incorporated hand-made Mongolian cashmere felt, handwoven Cambodian silk, hand-woven Nepalese cashmere wool, and hand-dyed Javanese batik, all representing her personal study of these techniques, and her deep respect for the local traditions from which they emerge.
Sin Sin has also collaborated directly with contemporary visual artists in the creation of works, including textiles, jewellery and environments. During her frequent visits to Indonesia, where she now has her second home, Sin Sin came to know and champion the work of Indonesian contemporary artists. In 2003 she opened Sin Sin Fine Art gallery in the Central district of Hong Kong, in part to create an opportunity to bring Indonesian contemporary art to the city’s local and international audiences. There, and at her gallery’s current location in Sheung Wan, Sin Sin has presented the work of emerging and established Indonesian contemporary artists through acclaimed exhibitions such as ‘Indonesian Invasion’ (2008) ,‘Diverse- 40 x 40’ (2009), and many solo shows, and in so doing has made a unique contribution to fostering a deeper level of understanding and awareness of the vibrant Indonesian contemporary arts scene. In celebration of the ‘Earthly Evocations’ exhibition, Sin Sin is presenting her series of naturally dyed cotton clothing, embellished with batik designs based on animal motifs often seen in Indonesian handicraft, and created by Sin Sin in Yogyakarta in collaboration with master batik craftswomen.

Artist Sin Sin Man launched her boutique and eponymous label only a few years ago, but has already made a name for herself as a respected jewellery and fashion designer.

The Hong Kong-born designer (Photo:Left) has also created what she calls a lifestyle concept, which includes her own label (selling jewellery and fashion), art gallery and three villas in Bali that she rents out for holidays. Her designs are artistic yet wearable, and her boutique is the only store that offers fabrics from Japanese textile studio Nuno. The art gallery represents artists from Southeast Asia and features modern and contemporary paintings, and photos with a focus on China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Sin Sin’s passion for travel takes her across Asia, to countries including Nepal, Laos and Burma. In her spare time she studies Chinese calligraphy, pottery and Chinese opera. She has been a volunteer for several Hong Kong community theatres and has performed at opera houses on the mainland.

Sin Sin Man “Sin Sin Atelier • Fine Art • Villa“三合一品牌的幕後舵手,她歷年來在香港成立了一家工作室及一家畫廊,並且在印尼峇里開設了度假別墅。Sin Sin Man是一位全情投入的藝術創作人,又喜歡周遊列國,足跡遍及亞洲各地,包括蒙古、老撾、柬埔寨及印尼,期間並且向當地的傳統手工匠學習;她將這些經驗融入設計,並以當代的設計筆觸表現傳統紡織、繪畫及手工藝體之美。

1998年,Sin Sin對中環安蘭街一棟三十年代四層高舊樓一見鍾情,於是在那裡開設了Sin Sin Atelier

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