Michael Andrew Law meets G. Roland Biermann


G. Roland Biermann was born in Bonn, Germany. He lives and works in London. 1990 – 1991: studies at New York University. Photographic projects in

Germany, the UK and the US since 1990.

London-based photographic artist G. Roland Biermann has been showing new photographs on glass at the gallery of Bayerische Hofglasmalerei. These works from Biermann’s snow+concrete series have been produced at the workshops earlier this year.

The starting point of snow+concrete can be seen as a literal juxtaposition of snow and concrete. Biermann’s constructed scenes show snow in an underground car park, a transient, ephemeral matter in the confines of a permanent concrete structure. As the snow melts, Biermann records this process of transformation with the photographic camera.

G. Roland Biermann bei Gustav van Treeck

His images highlight the preciousness of all things transient. Here, it is the light and airy nature of the snow, the purity of the white and its ever changing shape and form.

The collaboration with our workshops is the first project where Biermann works on glass. The exhibits reveal a wealth of new, exciting possibilities in the combination of photography and glass. At the exhibition, four polyptychs from the snow+concrete series, snow+concrete X, XII, XIII and VIV, will be shown in a combination of fused glass and digital printing techniques. The images gain an almost three-dimensional depth and seem to be ‘more immediate’.

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