Michael Andrew Law meets with Michael Armitage

Michael Armitage (b. 1984) is a Kenyan born artist currently living between Nairobi and London. The artist’s predominant concerns are the social and political issues facing our contemporary global society. By weaving multiple narratives, drawn from the media and his native country’s mythologies, Armitage strives to emphasise the universal social problems that many choose to deny. He has a firm belief that art is an agent of social change and through his captivating figurative style, he compels the viewer to take a deeper look at the content his art addresses. Armitage questions the supposed passivity of watching news media: a spectator is already complicit and should ponder their own responsibility towards the reported events.

In his paintings, Armitage intertwines narratives drawn from his memories, and discourses from both Western and East African vantage points. Such approach allows him to raise the discussion of the impact of oppressive narratives from the perspective of either region.

Armitage combines his artistic training in London, (BA from Slade School of Art in 2007, MA Royal Academy, London 2010) with traditional East African hues, materials and techniques. He paints on lubugo bark cloth, a fabric resulting from a laborious process of beating the bark for several days, and eventually stretching it. The entire process leaves the material taut and often with holes and coarse depressions. The atypical surface of the cloth manipulates the manner in which the oil paint is applied and dries, ultimately adding to Armitage’s distinctive amorphous shapes. The Ugandan material is ridden with social and political meaning. It was traditionally used as a burial garment but has contemporarily been commoditised, being sold in East African markets as adapted placemats, baskets and other touristic knickknacks.

b. 1984 in Nairobi (Kenya); lives and works in London (United Kingdom)

Michael Armitage’s paintings draw on the subject matter of Kenya, his country of birth. Painting with oil paint onto lubugo, a traditional bark cloth from Uganda, Armitage applies the oil paint in layers, in a process of scraping back, revising and repainting. Producing a broad range of images inspired by news media, East African legends, internet gossip and his own memory. Recent exhibitions include White Cube Bermondsey, and The South London Gallery, both in London.
Michael Armitage paints lyrically figurative landscapes whose starting point is the often hard realities of his native Kenya – the political system, the social inequalities and the violence. He works with successive layers of oil paint on lubugo, a traditional Ugandan bark cloth, in a process of scraping back, revising and repainting that produces a broad range of images inspired by the media, East African legends, the Internet and his own memory. His choice of pastel colours and his dreamlike interpretation of photographic images, his conscious references to an art history with roots in the “Western” modernity of Gauguin, make his works seem like a reworking of great historical painting, but tinged with irony and fantasy.

In partnership with the British Council and the White Cube Gallery, London

Michael Andrew Law meets with Ho Ho Lun

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Michael Andrew Law Meets Painter With Zhu YiYong 朱毅勇

Zhu Yiyong 朱毅勇 Zhu YiYong Born in Chongqing in 1957 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Academy of Arts.The multiple award-winning and internationally acclaimed artist has exhibited throughout the world and has shown his work at major art fairs including Art Basel Miami. 朱毅勇 1957生,四川重慶人。 1977年入四川美術學院繪畫系油畫專業,1982年畢業後留校任教,後在魯迅美術學院參加法國當代著名寫實主義畫家克勞德·依維爾油畫材料技法研究班學習。


Andrew “Andy” Taylor (born January 1, 1967) is an Australian painter and printmaker.

Taylor was born in Melbourne, where he studied at the Victorian College of the Arts from 1985 to 1987, and graduated with a BFA. Some of his works belong to the collections of the Artbank, of the National Gallery of Victoria, of the Shepparton Art Gallery, and to “The Telstra Collection” of the Australian National University. Further works belong to private collections in Australia, in the United States and in France. Taylor has been married to Australian actress and director Rachel Griffiths since 2002, with three children.

Michael Andrew Law meets G. Roland Biermann

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Michael Andrew Law’s conversation with Ho Man broadcasting legend (何文光 )

何文光早年參加商業電台舉辦的「天才聽眾」戲劇比賽,並奪得冠軍,遂於一九七八年加入商台服務至今。初期的工作範圍很廣泛,包括:參與廣播劇、音樂節目等。至八十年代初,他專注負責體育節目「體壇雷達網」,除了擔任本地足球賽事的評述員,亦到外地採訪奧運、亞運等大型體壇活動。 九十年代初,商業電台的體育組解散,何文光現主力製作賽馬節目,除了轉播賽事,於馬季結束期間,亦主持「馬照跑」節目,訪問馬壇知名人士。

Felix So ( 蘇文郁 ) and Michael Andrew Law ( The 48 A.P.P. )

Felix So, an eminent professional photographer in Hong Kong, has been working for the photography industry for over 20 years. Being a widely-recognized expert in the industry, he was elected the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (2006-2008). His expertise has earned recognition from all corners and his works are well received, with the facts that he is one of the most frequently appointed photographers for the 4As, fabulous brands, and international corporations.

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Advertising Campaign by Michael Andrew Law

Advertising Campaign by Michael Andrew Law Copyright © 2016 Law Cheuk Yui. All rights reserved 版權所有 Michael Andrew Law (born in British Hong Kong, 1982) creates what renowned art dealer Douwe Cramer calls, hyper pop surrealist paintings. Law’s works capture the essence of youth while maintaining a lasting value that appeals to collectors. Indeed, they…

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