Michael Andrew Law and Artist Alexandra Prajer


Michael Andrew Law and Artist Alexandra Prajer , Alexandra PRAJER graduated from the Polytechnic University of Gdansk (Poland), her hometown, as an engineer-architect. She also had in those days a passion for modern tapestry and enthusiastically took part in an exhibition at the Marine Museum, Trocadéro in Paris.
During the martial law years in Poland, starting in 1981, Alexandra worked as an architect in Nantes (F), and also taught art.

She went to live and work in Luxembourg in 1991. She continued developing and exploring her various skills, and took part in numerous exhibitions in France, Luxemburg and Germany, thus earning many awards.

Alexandra moved to Lille, France, in 1999 and ran her own art gallery there for 7 years. This enabled her to meet many artists from all over Europe. She’s regularly invited to expose her works in France and Poland, and her works were selected for the Salon d’Automne in Paris, both in 2012 and 2013. She also is in charge of various luxury interior design projects.

Since 2010, she shares her activities between Pont à Vendin (France) and Hong Kong, and pursues different types of painting. Since 2014, she focuses more precisely on research, collage and reverse painting on glass, producing unique and innovative colorful pictures.

In France, she hosts every year a 10 days’ painting seminar for international artists, while she also attends similar events abroad.


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