Michael Andrew Law and Carman Tong


“The Fading world” uses metaphors from the perspective of the deceased to ridicule the existing state in the world.
When look at the black & white photos of the deceased, you may think that in the past they might had a wonderful life, or in a life that full of sorrow. Indeed we do not know they are powerless, poverty, hopeless or not; no matter what the difference was, now all belongs to equality once they had entered the forever land (death).
When people pray for a beautiful world, they hypnotize themselves when facing the truth, they concentrating on “ego”, distorting the facts, rejecting the truth; therefore the ultimate world gradually deformed, faded, whitened and blurred.
The angle below six feet may have a more fair perspective. Ironically, who else only remain the black and white world? The pass or the present living?

Exhibition : “Set Theory”

Artists: The Six Nomads
Abby Lee / Anita Cheng / Carmen Tong
Pauline Wu / Sylvia Lam / Vivian Leung

Opening Hours
Oct 3, 2018 5-9pm
Oct 4-7, 2018 10am-9pm
Oct 8, 2018 10am-5pm

Oct 5, 2018 7:30pm

5/F, Exhibition Hall,
Hong Kong Visual Art Centre,
7A Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong
Set Theory The Six Nomads

The name of the exhibition “Set Theory” was came from one of the meanings of this theory, which was consistent with the reasons and ideas of six of us in conceiving this exhibition.

This theory, initiated by the German mathematician G. Cantor (1845~1918), one of the meaning is to explain the intersection of different sets, and sets may contain some identical elements. Although theory is based on logical thinking, some may think it is not related to art, but in fact all art activities, from the birth of an idea to the completion of the artwork, the artist has experienced multiple thought processes. In addition to subjective emotions, artists encounter different externalities and multiple factors in the creative process, and those thinking and ideas are all interlock each other. (Common Set).

We intuitively think about an emerging ideas, looking for the intersection among, then we sort and sort… using the commons to establish a network, and then processing, classifying and combing in an artistic way, finally it become a series of artwork.

In the artists (people) extent, set theory can explain the elements and methods between us (groups). The common interest in art is the meeting point of us, and it constitutes a common set, which in turn become this exhibition. The idea of the works between us echoes each other is also a “Common Set”.

The contents of this exhibition include life experiences, personal consciousness, nature and people, and reflection on life. We hope this exhibition will provide a way and a multi-dimensional perspective to the viewer, and we encounter a “Common Set” together.

展覽 :《集合論》

藝術家: 六遊牧
李桂玲/ 鄭潔恩 / 湯家雯
吳鳯杰 / 林麗芳 / 梁小芳

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